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Why the System is Broken

No one teaches underprivileged kids about money, how to work and how to have a voice in the world. They don’t obtain real life skills and the right knowledge. The lack of the right guidance makes them go down the wrong path, become gang members, march for money and loot. And how big is the problem? This is not just an inner city issue but a nationwide problem. 24,000,000 kids are being raised in households without a father present and the statistics of fatherless kids are undeniable. Kids without fathers are more likely to be poor, involved in drugs and alcohol abuse, drop out of school and suffer from mental and emotional problems. Boys are more likely to become involved in crimes and girls are seven times more likely to become pregnant as teen.

We have been able to provide free scholarship training for over 1200 less privilege students both in the urban and rural areas of Edo State and environ in the area of I.C.T to enable them become a computer literate which is one of the major challenge in Nigeria.

In addition, free seminal were held on many occasions in secondary schools and tertiary institutions, particularly in Edo State; teaching them how to become useful in the society, and also giving them free certificates, including awards to the best student at the end of the year programs.

We discovered that most of this student lack personal equipment, such as mini laptops, printers, books, and even fees to see them through school.

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